Razvan Burz

Razvan Burz

by Razvan Burz

Along with some fellow Romanian podcasters, such as Florin Rosoga and Adrian Boioglu (both have joined me on my show), I will live stream some audio content on the #InternationalPodcastDay, on the 30th September, 2018.

International Podcast Day

As you may learn from the Home Page of this website, I host a weekly Romanian Podcast on technology, productivity, management and lifestyle.

Over the years, the podcast has opened doors to some very interesting persons, such as Monica Dinculescu from Google, Dan Berte from BitDefender, Paul Ardeleanu from Hello24/Lupo, Roxana Balan and Tudor Birlea from This is Not a Storm, to name just a few.

Now is time to, once again, try to grow some awareness on podcasting, since podcasts aren't a very well known subject in Romania, thus the small number of active podcasts here.

Join us, on the 30th, online, from wherever you are!

Learn more on the event's page, on Facebook, here.


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